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SYICD-SVG series

listing date: 2017-10-13
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Product features

SYICD-SVG series

Basic principle

The static var generator (SVG:Static var generator for the) is self change phase bridge circuit through the reactor directly connected in parallel to the grid, the appropriate to adjust the phase and the amplitude of bridge circuit of AC side output voltage or direct control of the AC side current, you can enable circuit with a satisfied the requirements of reactive current, the realization of dynamic reactive power compensation.


Technical features

●Faster response

SVG response time: less than 5ms.
Svg can be within a very short period of time to complete from rated capacitive reactive power to the rated emotional power conversion, unparalleled in the response speed can be competent on the impact load compensation.

●Higher security

SVG is controlled as the current source, there is no possibility of resonance with the system impedance, the security is higher.

●Diversification of compensation functions

Using the same set of SVG device, it can realize different kinds of compensation functions:
Reactive power compensation;
Compensated load harmonic;
Compensated load imbalance;
At the same time, the compensation of the load, the harmonics and the imbalance.

●Low harmonic content

SVG uses PWM technology and multiplex technology, compared with the SVC TCR, the harmonic content is very low, the power grid will not produce two pollution.

●Smaller area

SVG adopts the direct PWM current control technology, its output current waveform and the phase is completely controllable, SVG can run in the rated sensitivity to the range of the rated capacity. Since there is no need for large capacity capacitors and reactors to do energy storage components, the largest area of SVG is only the same capacity of SVC 50%.

Product parameters
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