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LSY series

date: 2017-12-06

1.Product profile

The emergence of module products is the major change of reactive power compensation and filtering device, and is the mainstream of the future market, and is a promotion of service concept. LSY module unit independently developed and produced by Hongkong company. All parts selection are precision calculation, design, production, testing. Main module assembly of the cabinet body and the traditional cabinet has the advantages: greater capacity, easy to expand, easy installation, compact structure, layout is concise and beautiful; unit between the connecting hole, improve the quality of electric energy, extend the service life of electrical equipment; complete protection measures, such as over-voltage, under voltage, over heat, harmonic protection; product quality responsibilities more clearly, not like traditional cabinet appear problem component manufacturers in passing the buck. Select the product of the industry module, get pre-sale, sale and after-sale in one service, is to solve the Design Institute, the complete set of factory and user's unified service platform.

Main features:
1.High reliability
LSY module products of the company's products all spare parts are carefully designed, type selection, after the optimization combination of testing, each module of the sophisticated sorting test, the factory after the evaluation. Compact structure of the same cabinet can be installed capacity greater, simple connection mode, strict testing to ensure the high reliability of the products.
2.General installation
LSY module unit has the advantages of small size, easy installation, etc.. The production of units is assembled with the standard structure, and the installation of general guide rail is installed.. The assembly can meet the standard GGD, GCS, MNS and non standard cabinet cabinet.
General installation function can make the user, low-voltage switchgear manufacturers lsy module unit, to determine the specific capacitance installed capacity and packet ordering module and power factor controller, self group screen installed power factor correction device.

3.Assembled assembly

Lsy module unit installed capacity from the packet 30kvar - 80Kvar, for users provide concise and practical options, users, design institute after the determination of compensation capacity, stepping precision, capacity increase capacity requirements can be convenient combination. In FCL group. It is suggested that the proportion of packets or 1:2:2.. 1:2:4.., the packet than traditional contactor 1:1:1.. Under the premise of ensuring the output step accuracy, reduce the packet number.
For example:
The user compensates the installation capacity of 105kvar, and the accuracy of the requirements is 15kvar. Accuracy of the packet if 1:1:1 packet need points, 7 Road, but the use of 1:2:4 group (15+30+60), in order to ensure the output step precision (15kvar), only 3, save the four groups.
The user compensates for the installation capacity of 330kvar, and the accuracy is 30 kvar. Accuracy of the packet if 1:1:1 packet to 11, but the 1:2:4:4:4 group (30+60+80+80+80), in order to ensure the output step precision (30 kvar) case, save the group of 10.

1.Simple interface
After the LSY module, the interface is installed for 2 external connections: the interface and the control interface.. The grid interface adopts copper connection, A, B, C three-phase. Control interface with BVR - 1.5 wire connection, SCR trigger signal 2, module work instructions 2.
2.Compact structure
Lsy module inside the body of a reasonable layout, large installed capacity, single module maximum can be installed 80Kvar compensation capacity, standard of 800 (width) x 1000 (depth) x 22 (high) cabinet W type products can install 9 road module unit and suggest installation 7 Road (using the back-to-back installation).
3.Expand freely
The LSY module unit has the convenient expansibility, which is used for the initial installation of the compensation device, and it has already laid a good foundation for the future compensation equipment.. Standard 800 (width) x 1000 (depth) x 22 (high) the cabinet body can be installed 7 module unit, capacity without changes to the cabinet, need not change the bus, without interruption for a long time, just ordering module can complete compatibility.
Convenient maintenance
LSY module unit replacement, easy installation, no special tools. In a short time, the fault unit can be dismantled and the backup module unit can be installed, and the operation of the compensation device can be recovered.. The repair of the fault unit is also the premise of the detachment device, with better security. Can be returned to factory processing.

2.Technical parameters
System voltage: 400VAC
Minimum response time: 20ms (LSY-KCV)
Power consumption: less than 4W/kVAr (LSY-KCV)
Ambient temperature: -40, 45
Relative humidity: less than or equal to 90% (25 C)
Altitude: 2000m
No violent vibration, impact
No conductive dust and corrosive gases

LSY series

4.Selection table

LSY series

5.Application sample
1.Dynamic SCR switching:
Such as an engineering system voltage 400V, transformer capacity for 800kVAr, the main load to the 5th and 7th harmonics based, with 7% rate of Reactance Compensation: three-phase; switching mode: thyristor switching; precision compensation for 25kVAr, required installed capacity of 300 kVAr. According to the "quick selection of the loader table" optional design and compensation scheme is as follows:
1:1:2:2:2:2 group (25+25+50+50+50+50+50), the number of modules for the 7 groups.
Namely: LSY-KCWZ480-33.5/7.0 x 2
LSY-KCWZ480-67.0/\7.0 x 5

2.Contactor switch:
Such as an engineering system voltage 400V, transformer capacity for 800kVAr, load mainly to the three times harmonic based, with 7% rate of Reactance Compensation: three-phase; cast cut way: the contactor switching; precision compensation for 25kVAr, required installed capacity of 300 kVAr. According to the "quick selection of the loader table" optional design and compensation scheme is as follows:
1:1:2:2:2:2: 2 way group (25+25+50+50+50+50+50), the number of modules for the 7 groups.
That is:LSY-JCWZ480-33.5/7.0×2

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