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Yangjiang Port Terminal

date: 2017-11-07

Area: Guangdong

Industry: Shipping, Ports

Common power quality problems in the industry:

     The gas discharge electric light source, switch power supply and DC bridge grab ship unloader, which are widely used in port terminals, have become the main harmonic sources of port terminals and have brought serious power quality problems.

According to the harmonic test of some container quay and large portal crane equipped with VVVF in the port power system, most of them have 5, 7th harmonic injection systems in operation, and some of them have 11, 13th harmonic generation. The losses caused by it have been numerous. For example, problems such as fuse explosion, reactor overheating and burning, capacitor bulging, PT insulation breakdown, transformer output and life expectancy have occurred in the port power system.


Case Background: Yangjiang Port is located in Pangang Town, southwest of Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province. It is in the middle of Hailing Hill Harbor. The waterway is 180 nautical miles from Hong Kong, 140 nautical miles away from Macao, 190 nautical miles from the mouth of the Pearl River, 110 nautical miles from Zhanjiang to the west, 160 nautical miles from Haikou and 220 nautical miles from Guangzhou to the north. The land is 25 km from Guangzhan Highway (State Road 325), 256 km from Guangzhou and 230 km from Zhanjiang. It is the center point of Guangzhan water and land transportation line. It forms with the main hub port between Guangzhou Port and Zhanjiang Port. The well-structured water transport system has become an important gateway to the sea in the central and hinterland of western Guangdong. Its development potential is unlimited and its geographical position is extremely advantageous.

    Four front-loading door crane cranes, the maximum lifting capacity of 35 tons, 43 sets of other handling machinery, yard 150,000 square meters, auxiliary production and living facilities 13,000 square meters, the annual handling capacity of 700,000 tons.

Power quality problems:

The traditional practices of improving port reliability and power quality are to add reactive compensation equipment such as thyristor switching capacitor, thyristor control reactor and magnetron reactor. The LC filter is adopted to reduce the influence of harmonic distortion. Compared with the traditional Compared with reactive power compensation device, SVG and APF can compensate dynamically in real time without over-compensation or under-compensation, which can stabilize the system voltage.


Product solutions / service programs: APF \ SVG

Product installed after the picture:


Governance effect:

   After APS and SVG were switched on, the main 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th, 17th and 19th harmonic contents in the system were significantly reduced, and the higher harmonics were basically eliminated. The current distortion rate (THDI) % Down to 5%, total harmonic current eventually dropped within 20A, the effect is significant, to achieve the desired results.

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