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4S series

listing date: 2017-12-18
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Product features

1. Product profile

4S capacitor (small intelligent compensation device, S-ShengYe S-Samll S-Smart S-System, commonly known as intelligent capacitor) is applied to 0.4kV power grid reactive power compensation equipment, it by the MCU control unit, investment cut switch, protection device, cylindrical type self-healing type low voltage power capacitor device composed of an independent complete intelligent reactive power compensation system, to replace a plurality of dispersion devices are assembled and automatic reactive power compensation device; the 4S intelligent capacitor composed of low-voltage reactive power reactive power compensation device can realize three-phase co compensation and phase compensation. Line compensation effect is good, the modular structure, small volume, field wiring simple, convenient maintenance, only need to increased number of modules can be realized total compensation, split phase reactive power compensation, the expansion of the filtering system, improve and scientific protection system, enhance the safety and reliability of equipment operation, advanced communications, information and control functions, flexible construction of informationization, automation, digital, interactive intelligent features no power compensation mode.

Main features:
A. with high reliable environmentally friendly inflatable capacitor, with a unique global two protection features, with a number of patented technology.
B. adopts the adaptive switch of the proprietary intellectual property patent technology, so the reliability of the system is greatly improved..
C. monomer capacity is large, suitable for the future mainstream coding investment cut way.


2.Structure and working principle
4S capacitor by miniature circuit breaker (short circuit breaking capacity is greater than or equal to 10kA), MCU control unit, investment cut switch, protection device, self-healing type low voltage power capacitor.

Miniature circuit breaker
Miniature circuit breaker (short circuit breaking capacity is greater than or equal to 10KA), intelligent capacitor access port, and short circuit, over-current protection function.

High quality capacitor
Use with self-healing ability of cylindrical low-pressure pneumatic type capacitor, has won industry independent intellectual property rights; using advanced patented technology and key equipment manufacturing, has the advantages of light weight, small volume, loss is extremely low characteristic; has a very high resistance to surge capacity; special pressure, temperature cut-off protection device, making appears in the system abnormal capacitor reliable exit operation; capacitor set temperature sensor, real-time detection of temperature inside the capacitors; reach Europe's highest life level, realize the secondary protection.

Embedded switching module
Intelligent capacitor used with Sheng industry independent intellectual property rights, the patent technology of embedded synchronous switching switch module, synchronous switching switch module consists of special magnetic holding contactor to achieve voltage zero crossing conduction and current zero resection of Microcomputer Adaptive delay triggering circuit, input voltage detection circuit, input current detecting circuit, switch module action response speed, frequent operation.

Control protection design
Integrated intelligent recognition of overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, lack of phase, three-phase unbalance, harmonic cross-border, component damage monitoring program, to realize the no inrush current switching capacitor, voltage operation; independent isolation module, enables the system to quickly restore the normal operation of the state, improving the ability of independent immune system.

Control investment design
Reactive power physical quantity control, using reactive power flow forecast, delay multi-point sampling, to ensure that the vote no oscillation. Automatic switching, dynamic compensation, improve the quality of the power network;
The establishment of high-speed, two-way, real-time, integrated communication systems;

The operating parameters of current, voltage and reactive power;
Show the switching state, fault state, communication state;
Automatic / manual operation function switch;
Operation setting button;

4S capacitor wiring working principle block diagram

4S series4S series4S series


3. 4S capacitor classification technology parameters

3.1 Product classification

4S capacitor classification as follows:
By compensation way points and fill type

3.2 Capacity specification

The three-phase total compensation product contains three single phase capacitor and the three-phase compensation mode capacity (Kvar)
20; 15; 25; 30; 
There are three single phase capacitors in the phase separated compensation products, and the phase split compensation method is (unit Kvar).
3x5; 3*6.7; worktable, with automatic control module of the product does not require external controller, parallel to each other are formed automatically in the reactive power compensation system; automatic control module products need external controller.

3.3 Technical index

Meet the safety standards for UL810-2008 capacitor;
Self healing shunt power capacitor for IEC60831-2002 (GB/T12747-2004) rated voltage 1000V and the following AC system;
Meet the technical requirements for 842-2003 DL/T low voltage shunt capacitor;

Ambient temperature: -40 ~ 55
Relative humidity: less than or equal to 90% (40 C)
Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa

3.3.2 Power supply condition

Rated voltage: 380Vac 220Vac
Allowable deviation: 20%
Voltage waveform: the total distortion rate of the power line is no more than 5%
Power frequency: 50 + 1.5Hz
Power consumption: less than 3VA

3.3.3 Electrical safety

Insulation strength: 2500Vac (1min)
Protection level: IP20

3.3.4 Measurement error

Voltage: less than 0.5% (in the 80%~120% rated voltage range)
Electric current: less than 0.5% (in the 20%~120% rated current range)
Temperature: less than or equal to 1 DEG C
Power factor: 0.01

3.3.5 Compensation parameter

Reactive power compensation is less than or equal to the minimum error: capacitor capacity 75%
The time interval of the investment: > 10S
Reactive power capacity: single 40Kvar
Even machines: less than 32 Taiwan

3.3.6 Reliability index

Control accuracy: 100%
Switching frequency is more than 100000 times to allow:
Capacitor run capacity decay rate: less than 0.5%/ years
Capacitor capacity decay rate: 104 times less than 0.05%/
Capacitor failure rate: less than or equal to 6% (60000 hours)

3.3.7 Mechanical parameters

Weight: 5 Kg (40Kvar)
X L202mm X H380mm W125mm see below

4.Product reliability analysis

  Intelligent capacitor superiority mainly in the integration, multiple functions and convenient operation, and the like, change the traditional without the internal structure of the reactive power compensation cabinet, provides a new way to improve the effectiveness of the reactive power compensation, the electric energy quality intelligent management provides basic platform.
  The safe operation of power distribution system can effectively improve the power quality of the power network, which requires the core components of the system - capacitors, reliable and safe operation.. The capacitors in the power grid is the most vulnerable components, traditional capacitor failure rate is quite high, which grid environment and improper use of the user has great relationship with, another capacitor itself quality inferior is unavoidable facts. We think that smart products protection function to system environment beyond the standard application effective protection of the components of the security, if the element quality problems effectively protecting the safety of the system. However, some product system of components of blind protection to cover up the defects of components, cause the system can not play its due role, will not achieve the purpose of reactive power compensation for saving energy and reducing loss.
  Any intelligent product quality is good or bad and the selection of components of quality has a direct relationship, and eventually realize the function of products still rely on the components, if the quality of the components is not good, then intelligent device can achieve proper function. Our intelligent capacitor selection of own production of core components, capacitors, is our own production of inflatable environment-friendly type with safety explosion-proof structure, with a number of patented technology products, which would address the capacitor itself quality problems, and the products can be used in intelligent systems can improve overall device stability and reliability.     Secondly, the perfection of electronics, software, intelligent protection technologies, which can prevent external factors on the capacitor and the whole system adverse effects.

5.Product selection table


Rated voltage


 Rated capacity


Rated capacity


Rated current


Product size












Product without reactor interface,
For external reactors, please contact the manufacturer..
































6.Selection table description

4S series

Product parameters
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