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SY-JKW series

listing date: 2017-12-18
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Product features

1.Product profile 

1. The fully digital design, ac sampling, man-machine interface are large screen LCD liquid crystal display in Chinese.

2. Adhering to the people-oriented design concept, modular assembly, streamline appearance design.

3. Can be real-time display L1, L2, L3 each phase the power factor, voltage, current, active power, reactive power, voltage total harmonic distortion rate, current total harmonic distortion rate and frequency, capacitor output display and cutting state information such as alarm.

4. Set the parameters in Chinese prompt, the digital input.

5. Control scheme to support three phase compensation capacitor, split phase compensation and comprehensive compensation scheme, can be set through the menu operation control scheme.

6. Capacitor switching control program support codes and fuzzy control for constant volume/way.

7. With manual/automatic compensation two works.

8. The sample quantity for reactive power, harmonic measurement and protection function.

9. The controller with the RS - 485, standard MODBUS field bus communication interface, convenient access to intelligent switch cabinet system.

Matching custom factory power distribution monitoring system management software, into the user's computer system, connected to the controller communication port, can at the scene of the computer monitor to observe real-time data and the historical load curve and statements of the user's system, saving energy and reducing consumption for the user to provide convenient and field data.


2.Technical parameters

Environmental conditions

Altitude: 2500m
Working temperature: from-20 DEG C ~ 60
Storage temperature: - 25 DEG C 70
Surroundings no corrosive gas, no conductive dust, flammable and explosive medium, the installation site without severe vibration, no rain erosion.

Measurement data

Measurement voltage: 100V ~ 290V
Measurement current: 0 ~ 6000A
Sensitivity: 50mA (two)
Measurement power factor: lag 0.200 ~ lead 0.200
Working power: 220V 20%
Measurement frequency: 47 ~ 53Hz
Active power: 0 ~ 6553kW
Display reactive power: 0 ~ 6553 kvar
The total harmonic distortion rate of the display is 0 ~ 100%
The total harmonic distortion rate of current display is 0 ~ 100%
Show version: 2.2 or 4.2 (the native upgrade version number)

Input / output signal

Sampling voltage: L1, L2, L3 phase voltage
Sampling current: bus L2, L3, L1 phase current transformer 0 times two ~ 5A
Control output: relay node 5A/250V resistance (static)
30mA/ 12V branch (dynamic)
Sampling voltage and sampling current should be in phase.

Display performance

LCD LCD display data refresh cycle is less than or equal to 1s.

Communication interface data

Communication interface: RS-485 protocol: MODBUS protocol
Communication rate: 4800 ~ 38400bps (no check bit)

Measurement accuracy

Voltage: 0.5% active power: 1%
Current: 0.5% reactive power: 1%
Power factor: 1% frequency: 0 1Hz
The above data is based on the controller preheating 10 minutes, and the calibration of the 1 years.

Set data

Current ratio: 01 ~ 1200 (ratio)
Delay time: 5S ~ 100s (static)
0.1s ~ 30s (dynamic)
Target: 0.90 ~ COS Phi lag ahead of the 1 step 0.01
Overpressure setting: 230V to 290V, or off
Under voltage setting: 180V to 200V or off
Cut threshold: 1.2 ~ 0.5 (set value for the input threshold) step 0.1
The threshold current setting value = 1.2 resection
Harmonic protection: Hv:1.0% ~ 50% (0% to close this protection)
Hi:2.0% ~ 100% (0% to close this protection)
The number of phase separated capacitor set: 0 ~ 4 (representing the number of each phase)
Number of three-phase compensation capacitor set: 0 ~ 12
Capacitor size distribution: phase number * 3 + three group number is less than or equal to 12
Capacitor preset: 0 ~ 999kvar/ group

ID setting

The machine with communication interface, support Modbus protocol. This includes setting the ID number and 485 communication interface to the communication rate, the ID number to describe the machine in the network system address number 001 ~ 255, communication rate for 4800 ~ 38400 bps.
Average free time (MTBF): > 25000 hours

3.Model description

SY-JKW series 


Controllers around on both sides of the fixed attachment of the self tapping screw, exit of attachment, the controller is installed on the panel (cabinet), and then push the attachment from the controller on both sides of the guide rail, tighten the self tapping screw, namely, the controller is fixed on the screen (cabinet).

5.Terminal wiring diagram

Shielded twisted pair should be connected with each RS-485 device shield terminal, the shield layer only allows one point of the ground (A wire is equivalent to - B wire equivalent +).

Product parameters
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