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  • Release time: 2017 - 11 - 22
    Standard:《UL810-2008》《IEC 60252-1:2011》《GB/T 3667.1-2005》.Feature: Low dissipation factor,Low temperature rise,Long service life,Excellent self-healing property,Stable capacitance,Inner explosion-proof divice.Application: Mainly as motor run capacitor for Airconditioner,washing machine, dishwasher, fan ect. Technical parameter:Rate voltage: 110VAC—600VACOverload voltage: Be allowable to operate under 1.1 UnTolerance: ±5%、+10/-5%、±10%Overload current: Be allowable to operate under 1.3 InDissipation factor: tgδ≤0.0025(100Hz)Operation Tempera...
  • Release time: 2017 - 10 - 13
    Execution standard: Meet the requirement of standard 《I EC:60252-1-2011》《UL810-2008》《GB3667.1-2005》; Product features:Small size,good self-healing performance,useage safety and dependable; Product use:They are widely used for draught fan、fan、dehumidifier...etc electrical appliances and equipments srart and running. Technical SpecificationPated Voltage:110V.AC-450V.ACSteady state overvoltage:Permit long term of operation under 1.1UnCapacitance Tolerance:±3%、±5%、±10%Steady state overcurrent:Permit long term of operation under 1.3ln...
  • Release time: 2017 - 10 - 13
    Execution standard: Meet the requirement of standard 《I EC:60252-1-2011》《UL810-2008》《GB3667.1-2005》; Product features:low in dissipation,small inherent temperature rise,long life and useage safety and dependable; Product use: Widely used in electric fan, smoke lampblack machine, shredder, washing machines, water pumps、draught fan...etc electrical appliances and equipment is up and running. Technical SpecificationPated Voltage:110V.AC-660V.ACSteady state overvoltage:Permit long term of operation under 1.1UnCapacitance Tolerance:±3%、±5%...
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February 16, 2017, the massive, three-day Middle East Electricity ended, the exhibition from 56 countries and regions, nearly 1,300 exhibitors and pavilions exhibitors, brings together the world's most influential Well-known power equipment companies and electrical components suppliers. Attracted more than 50,000 visitors from 114 countries and regions in the world. Winning Electric Co., Ltd. to bring a variety of celebrity products debut in the Middle East Power Exhibition, it has been the global customers of all ages.Our boothOur power quality products --- capacitors, reactive power comp...
Release time: 2017 - 10 - 16
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2016 Shengye Electric celebrate "51" Labor Day Salon will be held  In order to meet the arrival of May 1 International Labor Day, the excellent Chinese traditional virtues of the laborers are handed down. The company invited moving people, touched the collective representative, striver and some of the first-line production team leader, engineers, at 17:20 on April 30, 2016 in Shengsheng College and the second floor restaurant, held a grand celebration "May 1 "International Labor Day Salon will learn together to share. Mr. Dong Xun, director of the Company's CM...
Release time: 2017 - 10 - 23
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shengye Industry Report: In accordance with the Measures for the Administration of High and New Technology Enterprises Promulgated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, key support is given to the continuous development of high and new technology enterprises and the transformation of technological achievements so as to form core independent intellectual property rights and patent protection and In order to carry out business activities. Sheng Electric re-registration of the establishment and access to engineering and techno...
Release time: 2017 - 10 - 16
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