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    Highlight FeaturesHigh Irms RatingHigh Ipeak RatingLow self-inductanceHigh reliability and life expectancyNon-polar技术参数Paramaters产品型号SpecificationDCLJCSY 900-700额定电容Rated Capacitance700uF(25℃)额定电压Rated Voltage900Vdc容量偏差Tolerance±5%电介质Dielectric金属化PP薄膜(Metallized Polypropylene Film)介质损耗Dissipation Factor of DielectricTand ≤0.0002(100Hz,25℃)电容器损耗Dissipation Factor of CapacitorTanσ ≤0.0010(100Hz,25℃)纹波电流Ripple current(Irms)85A(85℃)峰值电流Peak current(Ip)>1.5KA浪涌电流Surge current(Is)>3.8KA绝缘电阻Insulation resistor≥6MΩ等效串联电阻ESR≤0.5mΩ(10KHz,25℃)等效串联电感ESL≤30nH(1MHz,25℃)热阻Rth2.5℃/W极间耐压Test voltage betwe...
  • Release time: 2017 - 10 - 13
    Execution standard: Meet the requirement of standard《IEC I: 60252-1-2013》《UL810-2008》《GB3667.1-2016》; Product features:low in dissipation,small inherent temperature rise,long life and useage safety and dependable; Product use: widely used in washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerWidely used in washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, water pump, blower and other life requirements of higher electrical and equipment motor start running. Technical SpecificationPated Voltage:110V.AC-450V.ACSteady state overvoltage:Permit long term of operation under ...
  • Release time: 2017 - 11 - 22
    Standard:《UL810-2008》《IEC 60252-1:2013》《GB/T 3667.1-2016》.Feature: Low dissipation factor,Low temperature rise,Long service life,Excellent self-healing property,Stable capacitance,Inner explosion-proof divice.Application: Mainly as motor run capacitor for Airconditioner,washing machine, dishwasher, fan ect.Technical parameter:Rate voltage: 110VAC—600VACOverload voltage: Be allowable to operate under 1.1 UnTolerance: ±5%、+10/-5%、±10%Overload current: Be allowable to operate under 1.3 InDissipation factor: tgδ≤0.0025(100Hz)Operation Temperature: ...
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2016 Shengye Electric celebrate "51" Labor Day Salon will be held

date: 2017-10-23
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publish date: 2017-10-23
Times of browsing: 424

2016 Shengye Electric celebrate "51" Labor Day Salon will be held



In order to meet the arrival of May 1 International Labor Day, the excellent Chinese traditional virtues of the laborers are handed down. The company invited moving people, touched the collective representative, striver and some of the first-line production team leader, engineers, at 17:20 on April 30, 2016 in Shengsheng College and the second floor restaurant, held a grand celebration "May 1 "International Labor Day Salon will learn together to share. Mr. Dong Xun, director of the Company's CMC, Mr. Du Qun, director of the HR Administration Center and Mr. He Xiaowen from DTC Products Division and Mr. Li Shiping from the Manufacturing Department of ITC Products Division were invited to attend the Salon Club. This fully demonstrates the company's commitment to advanced employees For the majority of workers on behalf of the attention and concern.

   Sharon will be presided over by the chairman of the trade union Zheng Guoqing. At first, General Manager Dong and Deputy General Manager of the Company's Management Committee will share with you all the delegates and fully affirmed the contribution made by the advanced employees to the company and ardent expectations of all the advanced employees. Personnel Administration Center Sun Xilong Director made a corporate culture building to share, moving figures on behalf of DTC Products Division Liang Chui-yi to share their speeches, struggling representatives ITC Products Division Li Mei will do to share a statement, the company management team Du Qun always felt share it.

   Followed by a salon dinner, dinner everyone speak their mind, impromptu exchange and sharing. Celebrate Labor Day in a joyous, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

Through this Salon Club, we will surely form a good atmosphere of caring for advanced, advanced love, advanced support, advanced learning and advanced competition in our company.

At the same time, I hope all the advanced employees will set foot on a new starting point and set a higher goal, going one step further. Continue to strengthen learning, continuously improve their own skills, give full play to the leading role of advanced models, unite and lead the vast numbers of workers and staff members, and make new and greater contributions to the sustained and rapid development of the Company based on its own job, dedication, hard work and dedication .

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