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LCSY series

listing date: 2017-10-13
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Product features

1、Product use

Capacitor in the reactive power compensation circuit are often subject to harmonic current, inrush current and overvoltage impact, resulting in the capacitor is easy to damage. Therefore, series reactor with a certain proportion, to suppress and absorb part of harmonic, can significantly improve the reliability and stability of the power supply system, in many cases, such as harmonic content, you must matching capacitors and reactors in series.
The main function of series reactors is:
1 suppress the harmonic amplification, and filter out a certain proportion of the harmonic.
2 with the accurate collocation, the passive filter can be formed with the capacitor series and can filter out the harmonic of a certain time.
3 to inhibit the flow of the input capacitor, protect capacitor and other components.

★Special tips:

1 the loop of series reactors can still play a reactive power compensation, but the capacity of the compensation is less than the series reactor, and the capacity of the series reactor is reduced..
2 series reactor will increase the voltage on the capacitor. The capacity of the series reactors is determined by the increase of the number of the reactors.. This must be taken into account when selecting a capacitor model.

2、Model description

Reactor type description

LCSY series 

3、Product features

Pure dry structure, resin casting

High quality silicon steel sheet, copper wire manufacture

Vacuum drying impregnation process

The design margin is big, the loss is small, Wen Shengdi

Overload, can be 1.35 times the rated current of long-term work

Low noise

4、Technical parameters and environment

Rated voltage: 250, 440V, 480V, 525V (customizable)Reactance rate: 6%, 7%, 13.5%, 14% (customizable)
Phase number: single phase or three-phaseInductance: Ln + 3%, + 5%
Rated frequency: 50Hz (for 60Hz to be specified)Stable over current: 1.35In
Voltage test: winding to ground 3KV/1minTemperature rise: coil temperature rise≤80K
Loss:≤15W/kVArOperating environment: -40° to 50°, relative humidity no more than 90%
Temperature protection:105℃ or 130℃ normally closedInsulation class: F or H
Noise:≤50dBProtection grade: IP00, indoor use
Linearity:1.8InInstallation spacing: 30mm


Quotation / order tips:

Ordering party shall provide the measured harmonic current spectrum, if there is no measured data, according to inform our engineer electrical equipment, our will evaluate and for the user design reasonable capacitance and reactance specifications.

Product parameters
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