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SYICD-APF series

listing date: 2017-10-13
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Product features

SYICD-APF series

Basic principle

Active power filter (APF:Active power filter) with parallel connected to the grid, through real-time detecting the load harmonic and reactive component and the PWM converter technology, and harmonic and reactive components of equal size, direction instead of the current injection in power supply and distribution system, the realization of function to suppress harmonic and dynamic reactive power compensation.

Series product specification model
SYICD series of active power filter specifications: stand-alone compensation capacity 15A ~ 300A, up to 10 units
SYICD series of active power filter specifications: stand-alone compensation capacity 50A ~ 300A, up to 10 units


Technical features

Real-time following, dynamic compensation

The harmonic current detection technique based on instantaneous reactive power theory is used in real time detection of harmonic current.. Through the instantaneous current tracking control, the harmonic current dynamic compensation is realized, and the harmonic changes of the power network are automatically tracked, with the highly controllable and fast response..

Flexible compensation

A machine can not only control the harmonics, but also can compensate reactive power, improve power factor. Can a single harmonic source independent compensation, and centralized compensation for multi harmonic sources. The control of the harmonics can also be realized by the control of the specified harmonics. As the use of harmonic sources.

DSP intelligent monitoring

DSP high speed detection and operation, to ensure that the harmonic detection and compensation control is accurate and effective, both intelligent monitoring function, flexible control device, operating parameters and working status at a glance, the automatic fault diagnosis; with remote communication interface, through the PC real-time monitoring.

Advanced power conversion design

IGBT high frequency switching device using the latest and topology of the main circuit for three-phase fully controlled bridge PWM converter, with characteristics of small size, high efficiency, high reliability, advanced technology to realize equipment capacity expansion.

Standard modular design

Power circuit and control circuit of the module or group (in) structure, in the realization of standardized production and improve the use reliability and maintainability.

Product parameters
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